Day 1

I find comfort in food.  I’m thinking about what’s for lunch while I’m eating breakfast. When I’m stressed I grab something to eat. We celebrate with food. We give food as gifts.  We only want to eat food we just love and taste great to us. I’m not saying we shouldn’t enjoy what we eat. We should. 

I’ve recently had to reset my relationship with food.  It’s so easy to make excuses and think I’ll start tomorrow. Months later still repeating that same message to myself.

The reality is there really is no excuse. We must all overcome struggles and barriers to achieve anything worth achieving. We know the difference between a donut and a bowl of oatmeal. 

The choices we make today will lead to the results we achieve tomorrow. Inaction to start today will only make it easier to continue that partner. 

I’m not a natural size 0 coming at you with a higher than attitude. I’m a mom that struggles, has set backs, and insecurities. We have to work at what we want. I’m week 1 into following a meal plan, it’s been years since I’ve followed one. Not months. Years. Week 1 will need to be followed by 15 more before I’ll see true lasting results. I know that because I’ve been on week 1 before.

My point is it doesn’t matter how many times we start over. Failure isn’t permanent, it’s only a temporary set back. Ask yourself what’s holding you back from whatever your goal is. Make a list of what you need to be successful. I’ve found that list has one thing on it. Me. My decisions. My commitment. Simply me.

So if you’re in the same mode, don’t give up. Start day 1 again. 

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