Overnight Oats

I love this recipe for so many reasons.  If you are busy and on the go this one is for you!!

This is not only a quick breakfast but can be eaten as a snack or post workout meal too.  It’s super simply to adjust to fit everyone in your families taste.  Zachary loves it with peanut butter and granola.  (I used a tablespoon of each) I prefer it with a handful of blueberries.  Try all the options until you find you favorite.

I use small mason jars for oats without protein added.  Something like these are great!  For Protein Oats I use large jars like this  work well because you will likely need to add additional liquid.  I hope you enjoy!

?Overnight Oats ?

2 cups rolled quick cooking oats

2 cups milk of choice

1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt

sweetener of choice to taste

Protein powder (optional) code: Shonda25 for 25% off

toppings or add-ins (Blueberries, Strawberries, granola, peanut butter, chocolate chips, etc)

Place all ingredients into bowl and mix until combined.  Pour into jars, larger jar if adding protein. Cover and refrigerator overnight. Add topping of choice. If adding protein do so in larger jars and combine before adding toppings. You may need to add additional liquid for desired consistency. Toppings and protein can be added the night before. This made 4 servings.  Serving size will depend on your add-ins too.:)


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  1. Thanks for the links you provided for both mason jars. I was getting ready to ask you where you got them. I also appreciate the recipe. Looks ?!

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